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Please note, due to limitations in place for international donations to our Cambodian bank, there is a maximum singular donation amount of $100. If you would like to donate more, don't hesitate to make a repeat donation(s).

Guide to Donating

We will be notified when we received your donation, however, we'd love to receive an additional message relating to your donation by contacting us on, WhatsApp (+855 69 93 92 97 or Facebook. With your message you can:

  1. Add any extra detail you'd like to add around your donation

  2. If you have an idea in mind that shaped your donation amount based on the guide below 

  3. To make sure you donation has been well received

Here you can find a guide with a list of materials, resources, events and sponsorship initiatives for which your donation can go towards.


Teaching Supplies

Printing paper (white & color)

Whiteboard pens, ink refills and wipers

Laminating pouches

Posters and flash cards

English books (we use Headway resources!)


Sponsor a child ($150 / year)

School uniforms x2 ($15)

School bags x2 ($15)

School shoes x2 ($14)

Bicycle x1 ($50)

Full set of school supplies ($38)


School resources & events

Full time teacher ($20 USD)

Part time teacher ($100 USD)

Education manager ($250 USD)

Lunar or calendar New Year party ($300)

Christmas party ($300)

School trip ($200)


Sponsor a family

New house ($1,350 USD)

New toilet ($700)

Water pump ($250)

Bedroom supplies ($50)

Kitchen supplies ($50)

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